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A New Featured Game

A New Featured Game

Here’s a new featured game for your enjoyment. ┬áIt’s a game from NSDL Div 3 and features our very own Peter Evans playing white against ‘Philidors Defence’. For those of you who like a challenge, the position below is after the move 17…Qd8. See if you can find the forced mate. After you’ve solved the … Continue reading


Upcoming A Team Matches

  • W8Cup Home - Wolverhampton Wednesday,3 October, 2018 Pittaway Cup
  • W1 Away - Halesowen Thursday,18 October, 2018
  • W1 Away - Warley Quinborne Thursday,25 October, 2018
  • S4 Away - Fenton 'C' Monday,29 October, 2018
  • S4 Home - Kidsgrove Wednesday,14 November, 2018

Upcoming B Team Matches

  • S5 Away - Cheddleton 'F' Friday,5 October, 2018
  • S5 Home - Meir 'B' Wednesday,10 October, 2018
  • PerryCup Away - Newcastle Wednesday,17 October, 2018
  • S5 Away - Crewe 'F' Wednesday,24 October, 2018
  • S5 Home - Newcastle 'F' Wednesday,31 October, 2018